A quick round-up of some of our favourite things this month, which all happen to be apps!


CINDEE : The Runtastic app

Runtastic is a fantastic free app that uses a GPS platform to track how far you’re running or cycling as well as the changes in elevation. This app will save your routes as well as help you plan new ones while being a part of a growing running/cycling community that engages with and supports one another.

BEVERLY: The AllTrails app

I promise this app will help you discover new hikes and trails! You can easily tailor your search by difficulty, length, elevation gains, scenery (lakes, rivers, forests, etc.) or even suitability (dog friendly, kids friendly, wheelchair accessibility)!
Do you know about an even better hiking/trail app? Stop by the front desk and let me know!

TAMMI : My Fitness Pal

“The best fitness and wellness app in the world right now!”, says Tammi who loves this app that was purchased by Underarmour for $475 million. With this app you can track your workouts, search for new workouts, and track your diet all in one place.

ERIN: The Headspace

I have been on this app for about three years now and I absolutely love it especially for those moments when I find myself getting overwhelmed. Whether you’re starting a meditation practice for the very first time or are looking for some moments of peace and calm in your busy life, this app is an excellent way to step into meditation without any pressure.