How do good intentions in the New Year back fire?

We have all heard about overtraining in the gym, but make no mistake, this is not directed at just high-performance athletes. The New Year resolutioners with good intentions fail into this trap every year.

Overtraining by definition is ‘a constant intense training that does not provide adequate time for muscular recovery’. Basically translates into “I’m going to go to the gym every day in January and finally get in shape – This Is My Year!”

Overtraining happens when the volume or intensity of your workout program exceeds your ability to heal and recover. Because your body is unable to keep up with you, it stalls out, impeding progress and even putting you at risk for injury.

Adequate recovery time is needed so your  muscles can  be ready to build again. As a rule, your timeline between workout bout with specific muscle groups is an average of 48 hours.

When you train you are causing microscopic tears to form in the fiber and connective tissue of your muscles. You must allow this time for recovery, no matter how you feel or mentally ready you are to work out again.

Do any of these symptoms sound like you?
  • Persistent fatigue and muscle soreness?
  • Sicknesses that lingers on a bit too long?
  • Trouble sleeping or staying asleep?
  • Are you irritable or feeling depressed ?

Talk with us about your New Years training so you stay fit and healthy without a backfire in 2019!

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